Culinary Recommendations

When most people think of sauerkraut, they envision eating it with their bratwurst, hot dogs or on a reuben. Sauerkraut is traditionally paired with meats such as these because it aids in their digestion. Today, sauerkraut can be used in a myriad of ways far beyond the limited traditional ways. Please see the following ideas for enjoying your sauerkraut:

*Please note, we do not directly cook our sauerkraut because cooking destroys its life force and health promoting probiotics. We therefore treat it as a condiment.*

• On eggs. Prepare your eggs the way you like them and top them with a dollop of sauerkraut.  It is a delightful treat!

• Halve an avocado and fill the hole with sauerkraut. Enjoy!

• Add a sour flavor to your favorite stir-fry by stirring in some sauerkraut before serving.

• A bowl of rice, steamed greens of your choice, a little salt and a healthy serving of sauerkraut (we like to put our sauerkraut between the rice and greens to warm).

• Add to your favorite burger or sandwich.

• It’s a great topping on salads.

• We find that potatoes cooked any way (even sweet potatoes) always taste better when sauerkraut is added to them.

• Chop up carrots, celery, green onions, cilantro, parsley (really any vegetables you enjoy raw), add sauerkraut, drizzle with a little oil and add salt if needed. Stir and you have a nice salad, topping or side dish.

• Get creative. Try adding sauerkraut to any of your favorite meals to enhance the flavor and vitality.

The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!