jar of Vital Cultured Foods Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut: Our sauerkraut is a delightful addition to any savory dish including- but not limited to meats, soups, salads, eggs and grains.

Ingredients: organic cabbage and Celtic® sea salt.

**Our sauerkraut contains 25 million CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) of lactobacillus, the friendly bacteria that has been shown to promote good health.**



jar of Vital Cultured Foods Caraway Juniper SauerkrautCaraway Juniper Sauerkraut: A delicious old world delight.

Ingredients: cabbage*, garlic*, Celtic® sea salt, caraway seeds*, juniper berries+
*organic +wildcrafted




jar of Vital Cultured Foods Masala CarrotsMasala Carrots: Sliced carrots and onion pickled with a special blend of spices.

Ingredients: carrots*, purified water, yellow onions*, lemon*, coconut flower nectar*, Celtic® sea salt, garlic*, ginger*, cinnamon*, fenugreek seeds*, black mustard seeds*, Aleppo chili flakes, fennel seeds*, coriander seeds*, cumin seeds*