What are fermented foods? Foods- most often vegetables that have been prepared and placed in an anaerobic and temperature controlled environment to allow naturally occurring microorganisms, specifically lactobacillus to proliferate.  This process is also known as bio-preservation because the microorganisms protect the food from spoiling.

How long is the shelf life? As long as the vegetables are kept under the brine and refrigerated, it can last several months to years this way.

Is vinegar used? No vinegar is used in our products. Our foods are fermented naturally with salt and time.

What is lactobacillus? It is a symbiotic bacteria that commonly lives in the intestinal tract. Lactobacilli are also referred to as probiotics because they are beneficial to the host organism. The numerous studied therapeutic properties range from boosting the immune system to reduction in stress and anxiety.

How often should I eat cultured foods? Daily ingestion is most optimal. Cultured foods can be used as a condiment on your favorite foods and meals. Sauerkraut, due to its neutrality is a delicious addition to most foods.