Summer Farmer’s Market

Greetings Fermentation Enthusiasts,

To our dismay and health, we have decided to not participate in any summer farmer’s markets. At the present moment, we have discontinued production due to some personal life changes. Vital Cultured Foods will be focusing on fermentation education with workshops and the like (dates and events to follow). Thank you for all of your support and excitement in flavors over the past couple of years. I will miss connecting with you and sharing the experience of the fermented world.

In good health,

Winter Market Season in Fort Collins

fall leaves Fort CollinsHappy Fall! It has been a gorgeous Colorado Fall. Late season produce is still available and we are utilizing all that we can. We want to thank you for a great Summer market season. We thoroughly enjoyed serving you top quality fermented vegetables. As always, we try to make as many small batch Limited Edition Ferments but time seems to fly by so fast. We did take advantage of utilizing organic bounties from Native Hill Farm, Fossil Creek Farm, Spring Kite Farm and Revive Gardens. We will continue to order from these farms as long as they are able to supply us with their delicious produce. We are so blessed here in Fort Collins with so many budding small organic farms along with an encouraging community that is supporting them.hakurei turnips from Native Hill Farm

This Saturday kicks off the first BeLocal Winter Market! We are excited to have our fermented Hakurei Turnips available this weekend. We have 29 jars of this small batch goodness. We’ll be sampling them too, so if you’ve never tried a pickled Hakurei turnip, stop by for a sample and to say hi. The Winter Markets are held on Saturdays at the Opera Galleria, downtown Fort Collins from 10am to 2pm. We will not be at every market but will be attending most of them. We keep our market dates up to date on our find us page, so check them out from time to time to see where we’ll be.

We wishing you a great Fall and holiday season. We’ll see you at the Winter Market!fermented hakurei turnips from Vital Cultured Foods

Inaugural Fermentation Festival

We are excited to be participating in the inaugural Fermentation Festival that will be taking place in Denver, CO this coming August 24-25. There will be all kinds of purveyors of fermented goods: kombucha, beer, spirits and of course vegetables. We will have a booth set up and we’ll be sampling all our available ferments.

Here’s a promo video to get you in the mood!

The event takes place at The Highlands Masonic Center – 3550 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO, from 2:30p-7:30p both days. We look forward to seeing you there for the fermented festivities!



Sunday Market

We are excited to announce that we will now be attending a Sunday market. We have a booth at the Fort Collins Farmers Market from 11am to 3pm in South Fort Collins. This Sunday the 21st of July will be our first market. This will not change our Saturday market schedule. It’s always good to check in from time to time on our market schedule to make sure we’ll be where you’re expecting us and to see if we’ve made any changes.

The Fort Collins Farmers Market takes place in South Fort Collins at Harmony and Lemay, in the parking lot in front of Ace Hardware.

Happy Summer, the bounties of the Earth are now in full swing. We look forward to sharing some of these with you sauer style.


Summer Bike To Work Day

Summer Bike To Work Day 2013It’s that time of year again folks! June is Colorado bike month and the annual Summer Bike to Work Day is this Wednesday, June 26th! We’ll be co-sponsoring a station again this year at New Belgium Brewing. This year we’ll be serving donuts, savory and sweet. It’s safe to say that I have never had sauerkraut on a donut before, let alone a savory donut. What a great opportunity! I look forward to the experience. We’ll have our Caraway Juniper Sauerkraut on the condiment table for the donut adventure.

Fort Collins has a vibrant cycling culture, so each year Bike To Work Day expands. Here is a list of the morning and afternoon stations to catch on your commute or for your cycling pleasure. The morning breakfast stations are open from 6:30a-9:30a and the afternoon stations are from 4p-6p. We look forward to seeing you out there on your bikes.

Cheers to human power and Colorado Bike Month!

Summer and Growing

Summer is upon us and the growing season is in full swing here in Northern Colorado. This is a particularly exciting time of year for us because this is when we produce our Farmer’s Pick Limited Edition Ferments. We get to create new ferments and you get to experience new flavors and concoctions. We all have fun!

Farao cabbage plant Spring Kite Farm

These past two weeks I have had the privilege of working at Spring Kite Farm here in Fort Collins. We fermented some of their cabbage last season and are looking forward to doing it again this season. Being outside and digging in the dirt strengthens our connection with the produce we work with in the kitchen and supports our vision of co-creating with the land » the farmer » the kitchen » and you. Interacting directly with the plants that will later become delectable ferments continues to deepen my understanding of what they endure and how by nurturing their growth, they nourish us.

Vegetable Bed Spring Kite Farm

We are excited to serve you this coming season with some new flavors as well as ones you may have tasted last Summer and Fall. Next week Spring Kite Farm is harvesting some dill for us. This will kick off our first Farmer’s Pick ferment of the season. Stay tuned to our blog and social feeds to hear what we’re up to in the kitchen and in the field. Happy Summer and we’ll connect soon.


Dakota Rose melon seedsfarmhouse at Spring Kite FarmWestern view at Spring Kite Farm

Winter Bike To Work Day

Winter Bike To Work Day 2012

Hello! We are very excited to be participating in our first Fort Collins Winter Bike to Work Day on December 12th. Fort Collins has a rich cycling community and to encourage cycling as a way of life Bike Fort Collins organizes both a Winter and Summer Bike To Work Day. Over a week before the actual Bike To Work Day there are all kinds of events held for local businesses and the public to engage in meaningful discussions on how to make Fort Collins a better place to ride. If you’re familiar with Fort Collins, you know there are all kinds of trails for commuting and recreating. Streets are equipped with bike lanes and the auto drivers, there is an overall consciousness of cycling in this town. If you’ve been thinking of riding your bike to work, this coming Wednesday is the perfect day to give it a try.

Roll on out for the festivities. We’ll be co-sponsoring a breakfast station at New Belgium with New Belgium, Ridekick International and Rocky Mountain Innosphere. We look forward to serving you a delicious breakfast and of course providing you with fun activities. Click on the logo to the above left to view the event poster. Cheers and see you out there on your bikes!

Plaid Friday Event

Salutations Vital Cultured Friends,

The holiday season is upon us and this Friday November 23, to celebrate our local version of “Black Friday”, we’ll be participating in Plaid Friday. We will have a booth at the Opera Galleria from 10a to 2p. Come on down and enjoy the festivities!

Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you all a thankful day. Enjoy!

Wear plaid and we’ll give you 10% off your purchase!
Plaid Friday, November 23

The Outdoor Market Season is Over

Last Saturday, the 27th October marked the end of the Larimer County Farmers’ Market in the great outdoors. Thank you to all of you who came out on Saturday mornings to converge on the local food growers and producers. The weekly fresh offerings was truly a gift to our local community. We had so much fun creating fermented vegetables for you and we look forward to continue bringing you our high quality organic ferments.

The indoor market season begins on the 10th of November in the Opera Galleria in downtown Fort Collins. Our first Winter Market will be the 17 November. Please click here to view our full schedule.

See you at the market! Be well.

cold market morningsampling fermented foodsoutdoor market season comes to a close

Fermented Cruciferous Vegetables + Goitrogens


Last week we had the opportunity to sample our product at Alfalfa’s Market in Boulder. It’s a lovely store, locally owned and a Boulder original. I recommend you take the time to visit if you’re in the area. Their fermented foods section is the most impressive I’ve seen yet.

While there, a customer asked me about raw cabbage inhibiting proper thyroid function. Please know I’m not a health practitioner, nor do I give medical advice. I recommend you seek your trusted health practitioner for advice, testing, etc. With that said…

While researching goitrogenic compounds in raw cruciferous vegetables, I found that most of the research indicates that fermentation does not reduce the goitrogenic compounds. Conversely, numerous health benefits come from these same raw vegetables. I feel this issue along with many others, comes down to individual responsibility. Each person needs to educate themselves and make the decision that maximizes their well-being. If interested, please enjoy this YouTube video on the issue of the thyroid and raw cruciferous vegetables.

Be well,
marni w
Vital Cultured Foods