Fermented Cruciferous Vegetables + Goitrogens


Last week we had the opportunity to sample our product at Alfalfa’s Market in Boulder. It’s a lovely store, locally owned and a Boulder original. I recommend you take the time to visit if you’re in the area. Their fermented foods section is the most impressive I’ve seen yet.

While there, a customer asked me about raw cabbage inhibiting proper thyroid function. Please know I’m not a health practitioner, nor do I give medical advice. I recommend you seek your trusted health practitioner for advice, testing, etc. With that said…

While researching goitrogenic compounds in raw cruciferous vegetables, I found that most of the research indicates that fermentation does not reduce the goitrogenic compounds. Conversely, numerous health benefits come from these same raw vegetables. I feel this issue along with many others, comes down to individual responsibility. Each person needs to educate themselves and make the decision that maximizes their well-being. If interested, please enjoy this YouTube video on the issue of the thyroid and raw cruciferous vegetables.

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