Vital Cultured Foods is dedicated to using organic and local produce in all of our products. Moreover, we believe in the importance of using high quality salt and have experimented with many different salts throughout the years. We have come to prefer the nutrient rich Celtic® sea salt because it best compliments the quality of produce we work with.

All of our products are sold in 16 oz glass jars. The jars are produced domestically in the midwest and the labels are printed locally in Denver. The labels are biodegradable and made from a material called Biostone. As the name implies, it is made from stone- giving it a natural matte finish without requiring laminate.

about Vital Cultured FoodsVital Cultured Foods was founded by Marni Wahlquist out of her passion for creating delicious, nourishing food and her deep fascination for traditional foods. She is a long time fermenter of all things fermentable, but is a purist at heart- for plain sauerkraut is what truly makes her heart sing.

Marni’s love of creating handmade cultured foods and local organic produce brings you Vital Cultured Foods, a local small business devoted to bringing you cultured foods of the highest potential.

While not in the kitchen, Marni enjoys spending time with loved ones, riding her bike, cooking/preparing organic whole foods, local foods, playing outside, music, sewing and learning new things.