At Vital Cultured Foods we are committed to bringing you the freshest and most potent fermented foods possible. Our cultured foods are handmade in small batches and traditionally fermented in ceramic crocks in Fort Collins, CO. We source our vegetables from local farms whenever possible and are dedicated to using organic ingredients.

Our cultured vegetables are enlivened with friendly bacteria through the long standing practice of traditional food preservation. This practice, known as Lactic Acid Fermentation requires vegetables such as cabbage, salt and the patience of time. As the vegetables and salt ferment, a beautiful transformation occurs- the naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria flourish. As a result, each spoonful is literally beaming with life, with the gifts of this friendly bacteria, commonly known in broad terms as probiotics. By simply eating our delicious fermented foods you are inoculating your inner domain. Probiotics help your body assimilate your food’s nutrients, thus improving your digestion and ultimately creating a healthy body, mind and spirit.